Interviewing A Digital Marketing Agency

You’re looking to grow your company and want to hire a digital marketing agency to scale your growth efforts. If you don’t have an in-house marketer with agency experience, the process of hiring a company might feel overwhelming – the market is saturated with digital agencies; how do you differentiate one agency from the next? After working in an agency for eight years, and staying in contact with former colleagues who have either gone on to work at different agencies or now work at Google where agencies are now their clients, I have a laundry list of recommended qualities and questions to ask agency prospects.

#1 on this list was not always #1. Due to COVID-19 and the impact this is having on my client’s business and the agency I’m working at, this is a quality I felt should be prioritized. 

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How to Know if Your Business Idea is a Good One

When I met up with a former coworker and a good friend, we started talking about a business idea she had. I was immediately intrigued. She came up with a solution to a problem I was currently experiencing myself. I don’t want to give too much away but the idea included developing an app. After thinking through it a bit more and digesting the idea that night, I thought wow, this is actually a great idea. I’m all on board. I thought….is this a eureka moment?

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