About Me

With a passion for driving business growth and six years of experience in Digital Marketing, Sara Molnick can create effective digital marketing solutions that will help to drive performance for your business. Sara has worked with clients in various industries, including businesses within the pharma, healthcare, tourism, ecommerce, and professional services space to name a few.  

What Molnick Media Can Do For You

Website Design & Development

Having a website that is representative of your brand should be the first step in growing your business online. Your site should be a place where your future customers can come to learn about the service or products you offer.  Building a site doesn’t need to be complicated, but it should be built with some SEO best practices in mind. Learn more about website design. 


Search Engine Optimization or SEO includes that tactics that go into getting your site to rank organically in search, SEO has greatly evolved and continues to do so as Google continuously updates its algorithm. SEO is no longer just optimizing keywords on your site. It includes everything from content development or establishing yourself as a thought leader in your space to ensuring your site is following Google’s Guidelines. Learn more SEO capabilities.


Pay Per Click or PPC are the sponsored ads you see within Google and Bing when you search for something within those two search engines. Think people don’t click on paid ads? Not true. About 65% of people click on Google Search Ads. PPC ads can be used to drive immediate traffic to your site. Depending on your business, PPC could be an ROI machine. Learn more about how PPC could work for your business.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media marketing can be an effecive tool for building your brand, connecting with your customers, and even selling your product or service. However, with the growth of platforms such as instagram and Facebook, it’s become very difficult for your potential customers or even current followers to see your content. Therefore, sponsoring your posts or running ads on social netowrks is often what’s needed to reach your auidience. Learn more about how social marketing tactics.